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"It's funny the responses I get...   you look younger.  Did you lose weight?  I guess maybe because I smile more and the smile looks so good.  The most important thing is my wife thinks I look better!

My job requires me to look by best and as a guy growing into my 40's its nice to have a youthful happy smile.  I thought my gap was my trademark... now its a great smile!"

Rusty Gatenby

"As Mrs. Minnesota United States, one of the first things people notice is my smile, and thanks to Calhoun Dental, it is brighter and whiter than ever! Dr. Tom and his staff are always courteous and knowledgeable, and I will continue to rely on their services for many years to come. I have had nothing but positive experiences from Calhoun Dental and I give them a big 'thumbs up!"

Holly Ernst
Mrs. Minnesota United States

"The first thing a person notices when they meet someone is their smile. After Dr. Cornelissen worked his magic on my teeth, people have actually stopped me and commented on how beautiful my smile is. The Calhoun Dental team is friendly, efficient, and truly cares about the happiness and well-being of their patients. I can't recommend Calhoun Dental highly enough to anybody looking to improve the color or condition of their smile. Calhoun Dental and Dr. Cornelissen make me smile.
I absolutely love my new smile."

Tawnja Zahradka
Television Host of "The Minnesota Experience"

Because of the exceptional skills of Doctor Tom Cornelissen and his expert staff, I now have a smile worth smiling about. With the combination of Invisalign and Tom's craftmanship in cosmetic dentistry, I have a perfect smile for the first time in my life. My only regret is not visiting Calhoun Dental years ago. I highly recommend Tom and Calhoun Dental for anyone looking for the best in cosmetic dentistry.

Dan Cole
The Common Man
Twim Cities Talk Show Host KFAN

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Cornelissen and his staff. The recommendation by Angie to get a free consultation to see if I was candidate for Invisalign is advice that I will treasure. The process took about a year and the results were remarkable. Before my treatment I was always a little self-conscious of my smile but was not aware of the difference it would make until I was finished. Now I am proud to smile in close settings and have received numerous compliments about how great my teeth look. The process that I thought would be a daunting task actually turned out to be fun as I would examine the trays to see what my teeth were going to look like in the following weeks. Thanks again!

Brandon Stanton

At first I was extremely skeptical and really didn't think that a couple plastic trays would straighten my teeth, but I am so thrilled on the outcome of my decision to use Invisalign! I likely would not have made the investment in metal braces but once I knew Invisalign was an option, it was a no-brainer. Everybody comments on my beautiful smile and I definately smile more often. I'm glad I put my trust in Dr. Cornelissen.

Lyn Landefeld
Invisalign Patient

"Because my previous dental bonding was long overdue for reworking, I was not expecting to see miracles. In doing my research, I found Dr. Cornelissen to have an impressively low cost estimate for my needed work as well as the shortest predicted time to completion. I am in love with the end results! I have a new sense of confidence and now look for any reason to show off my Hollywood smile!"

Donna Gage

"After spending almost 8 years in braces, and having several cosmetic dentists hesitate to take on a case as complex as mine, I knew Dr. Cornelissen was the man for the job. He not only listened to my questions and concerns, but he was so confident that he could give me the smile I had waited so long for. Without a doubt, he was right! The porcelain veneers on my upper and lower teeth are amazing, and I cannot say how many compliments I have received on my "beautiful smile." I never imagined that my teeth could look this wonderful! A million and one thanks to Dr. Cornelissen and his staff!"

Kimberly Moreau

"I always had a nice smile but after years of grinding my teeth, I felt that my smile had changed. My teeth looked shorter and it gave me an older look. After Dr. Cornelissen performed some cosmetic work, my smile was better than it ever had been. My teeth are whiter, my smile bigger and brighter.

Thank you to everyone at Calhoun Dental for being so wonderful. I am very pleased with my results."

Denise Vincent
Registered Nurse

"Thank you for your hard work, patience, kindness, and professionalism with all of my dental work and veneers. Know that you all make a difference in lives daily! I am so thankful for the difference you have made!"

Roger White

People called me the girl with the teeth. Now, they say "look at the lady with the beautiful smile". My dental procedure with Dr. Tom Cornelissen, was simple and painless. His staff made me comfortable from my first moment into the office.

He has given me the ability to really smile for the first time in my life.

Mary Jane Diller

"I never liked my teeth and smile, and was told by other dentists that braces were my only option. Then I met Dr. Cornelissen and his wonderful assistants at Calhoun Dental. They were all glad to help me, and amazingly transformed my teeth into what I always hoped for. I now receive very positive attention from all of my impressed friends, coworkers, and clients! Now I have an even bigger problem... I smile too much!"

Tom Bedford

"Dr. Cornelissen and his staff were courteous and efficient. I was not just impressed, I was amazed with veneers. He's more than a dentist, he is an artist."

Thank you.

Greg Tinsley
Business Owner

"The work Dr. Cornelissen and his staff did on my teeth can best be summed up by two comments. They gave me my smile back. And for the first time in my life I actually looked forward to going the the Dentist."

Dale Dissmeyer

I am so grateful to Dr. Cornelissen and Calhoun Dental for the beautiful veneers they put on my teeth. I feel so different about my appearance because of it. I feel so much more confident socially.

My teeth had been very discolored as a result of Tetracycline I took as an infant for ear infections. All my life I felt self-conscious smiling, even after my first set of veneers done at the U of M. ( It was the latest technology for the time, but nothing compared to what is available today.)

Dr. Cornelissen is a gentle and compassionate man. He is thorough, meticulous and always up on the latest technology.

Marylee Larson

"I was full of fear and virtually every tooth in my mouth needed work done, after years of neglect. However, the staff and Dr. Cornelissen at Calhoun Dental put me at ease and acknowledged my fears, in a professional and supportive way.

With each visit afterwards, I became more comfortable and less afraid.

After one session, in which I had eight crowns put on in my upper set of teeth, the results were stunning. While I had spent years ashamed of my teeth, to the point that I refused to smile for photos and uncomfortable even speaking with others, the image I saw in the hand mirror was hard to believe. I had teeth again, not the broken and decayed ones, but ones that I could be proud of.

Several people at work and elsewhere have commented on my new look. Each day I became more willing to show my teeth in the form of smiling. I looked better and I felt better about myself. The time and money had been well spent.

I shall always be indebted to Dr. Cornelissen and his staff, all of whom helped me throughout this process. While I still have some additional work to do, I am no longer afraid to make the necessary appointments."

Jim Winchester

As a sales professional the one thing that I appreciate is customer service. Working with Dr. Cornelissen and Christy has been some of the best experiences that I've ever had.
The office manager Christy is one of the nicest and courteous people I've ever met. Knowing and understanding my busy schedule, she always finds a time that works for me and most importantly I never have to wait.

Five years ago I had cosmetic surgery done to improve my smile and let me tell you, I wish I would've done it years prior. The compliments I get on my smile are endless, not to mention the confidence that it has given me. I have meet alot of people who have had the same procedure done elsewhere and it's visibly noticeable they don't share the same confidence.

I just recently had bridge work done and was nervous about the procedure but once again Dr. Cornelissen put me at ease by explaining what happened, how he was going to fix it, what I should expect and he took care of everything. The guy is a perfectionist! Even the temporaries I had while waiting for my permanents looked great and nobody ever noticed.

I am so thankful to have met Dr. Cornelissen, Christy and the staff at Calhoun Dental. As a client of Calhoun Dental for life, I would recommend them to anyone!

Eric Dvorak

"It is wonderful to laugh without being self-conscious of your smile... to laugh without restraining myself. I owe this to Dr. Cornelissen".

People no longer look at me and assume I have hillbilly ancestry!

Patrick LuPorte

"It's amazing that since my cosmetic work by Dr. Cornelissen, I have many compliments by many people...especially from, people in my line of work, the entertainment business. People comment how beautiful and white they are. ..Its great fun especially on days you are feeling off. Thank you so much for the excellent work!"

Marsh Edelstein
President, Marsh Production /Entertainment Agency

"Four years ago, I had Dr. Cornelissen and his skilled staff veneer six of my upper front teeth. The procedure was quick, painless and so was the cost. I'm smiling even more ever since."

Allan Lotsberg
Television personality, actor

"After a run-in with a basketball in High School...
my teeth lost and three had to be replaced.

After years of trying to match them up, I finally found Dr. Tom Cornelissen. Now I can say, with a perfect-toothed smile :), I couldn't be happier that I did!"

Robin Wolfram
Morning TV Anchor

"I have always been very afraid of going to the dentist and I needed lots of cosmetic work done. Dr. Cornelissen actually made it a piece of cake. He and his staff were extremely patient, understanding, and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I now get tons of compliments on my beautiful smile!"

Robin Hartl
Television CO-host" Hometime"

"When the work started on my porcelain veneers, I was looking forward to improvement. I had no idea how beautiful my smile actually would be. I can't believe I waited so long. Dr. Cornelissen and his staff are the best around!"

Pam Lundell
Morning Host
WMNN Newsradio 1330